How to Save Your Own LIfe

On October 21, 2008, I had my yearly mammogram. I have been doing mammograms since 1995 The 10/21/08 mammo was clean. Yet, I felt something wasn't right. My spirit felt depleted, my life force drained. My intuition whispered over and over, "Something's wrong." On March 12, 2009, less than FIVE months after my clean mammogram of October 21, 2008, during my monthly breast exam in the shower, I found a lump on my lower right breast in an obscure section, one hard to capture on mammogram. I will never know what made me be so thorough that day. And right then, at that moment I KNEW. This was IT. This was THE BIG ONE. I KNEW I had breast cancer. Saw my gyn on March 17 who told me--"Don't wait--make an appointment to see a breast surgeon as soon as you can." Saw my breast surgeon who found another, smaller lump during an ultrasound. Had both lumps biopsied, and learned that I have TRIPLE NEGATIVE, Grade THREE invasive ductal breast cancer in the bigger mass. The smaller tumor is benign. Ladies, listen to your intuition. I am scheduled for a lumpectomy at which time I will have a port installed for chemo. The best case scenario I can hope for is a Grade Three tumor, which I have, with a Stage one diagnosis. This will mean my Triple Negative cancer, the most invasive and agressive, has NOT made it past my sentinel nodes into my lymph nodes and throughout my body. I hope and pray I have some tough sentinels who are kicking some serious cancer ass right now. I am also seeking a second opinion. I have had a good response from my medical community and my local breast cancer communities, but my journey is just starting.
Dawn A. Chuley
Brevard County, FL