I am a survivor

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer which had progressed to my lymph nodes Aug 2006. I had chemo before the surgery to shrink the tumours and then surgery and had my right breast removed. I then had radiation daily for 6 weeks..... I then had my ovaries and tubes removed and then March 2008 I had reconstruction and at that time had my left breast removed and muscle and tissue taken from my stomach and both breasts reconstructed. Surgery was 9 hours.... I was off work at that time for 3 months and have gradually increased my work days and am now working 4 days a week and in April I will be at 5 days a week. I am now taking Exemestane after I had tried all other of the 3 medications, tomoxifen, arimidex and femara which all did not agree with me. Although I had not said anything to my surgeons I have one breast that is lower than the other.....I thought how could I complain when they saved my life and I am so grateful I did not say anything until just the other day. I will be seeing the surgeons and see if there is anything that they can do to correct this before I have the nipple tatooing done. I found that I was very strong emotionally throughout all of this but my crash was when I was all finished and then I had a very difficult time ..... I would like to hear from others that have gone through some of the things that I have. It would be nice to email back and forth to compare our experience. Cathy ---- staying strong and very determined to continue to beat this cancer in hopes it never comes back.
Cathy Dunleavy
London, Canada