On January 4, 2005, with my best girl by my side, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. From the moment the doctor said it, I was determined to live. With my son, my two best girls and Just Like A Mom at my side, I went into surgery on January 27, 2005. The day was long day and after hours of surgery, I MADE IT and have been Cancer Free since. It was only by the Grace of God and the loving support that I've received, that I did made it though such a tough time in my life. Early detection and knowing your body is key in fighting cancer. I never had a lump and always had normal mammograms. I started having a discharge from my nipple and dismissed it as nothing, until I mentioned it to a friend, who just happened to be nurse. She immediately told me to go and check it out. I had never been told to squeeze my nipple during my self exam each month. Now, I check my nipple each month, sometimes each day. Know your body and if anything changes, get to the doctor right away. I STILL HAVE THE BEST SUPPORT SYSTEM EVER AND I THANK GOD DAILY FOR EACH ONE OF THEM.
Southaven, MS