I am a Survivor

It was April 2002, on holiday with my common-law husband of 20 years. I rolled over in bed one night and got a pain in my right breast very close to my arm pit. I reached over and felt a lump that seemed awful large considering I hadn't felt it before. We arrived home 4 days later and I called my doctor. I had had my first mammogram in December 2001 and another in January including an ultra-sound as I had a couple of moles on the right breast. I figured if the lump was serious it should have shown up then but it hadn't. My doctor sent me immediately for a biopsy and told me because it was painful it probably wasn't cancer. 3 days later, I was told it was cancer and that he operated regularly with the best breast surgeon in the city and maybe the country and he would speak to him for me. 3 weeks later I had the surgery. Everything seemed to be moving very fast. While recovering from the lumpectomy, which my surgeon said was all that was necessary, I went through multiple tests to ensure that none of the cancer was anywhere else. Luckily I was clean but my surgeon insisted I go through chemo and radiation. I call 2002 the year from hell. In August I started chemo and worked between treatments. Many of my co-workers and company owners told me how strong they thought I was and this made me feel stronger. It is now the spring of 2015. The cancer has never returned. My common-law husband wasn't as lucky and I lost him to cancer in 2005 but life goes on. God took care of me and must have a plan for me yet. I thank him every day that I get to watch my granddaughter become a woman and my grandson be born and is growing into a very happy 4 year old. I am 60 years old and enjoying the life I have. Always have hope, even when you are sick and exhausted from the treatments.
Stittsville, Canada