I belive in prayers and miracle! !

My jurney being before Christmas day on Monday 24 2014 . I had apoitment with doctor, because I feel something in my left breast and I see some changes to. Then mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on Christmas day.God diagnosed in same day with cancer. I did not ask God why, because i knew there is always a reason, i start crying and I was thinking how to say this to my family. I pray and got home already with smile on a face. God help me in this situation. I told my daughter & son I told them I may have cancer , and they said don't worry mom you strong, we will be with you. God will help us to go through this. We had great celebration on Saturday it was our Family Christmas day !! We pray, laugh,open presents no one really knew what is going un with me, and I did not want to any one to know. We had great time!! My all family sister and 3 brothers always very supportive. And my husband is very helpful. During one month I had 2 surgery on my left breast and they clear my mergers, so that means I had no cancer but they did test in my lump and there was spread to my lymph But have to go through chemo and all treatments . First chemo was 2/26/15 and last chemo will be in 6/4/15 Had been going to soccer with my baby Max he is 9 and swim lessons for Kostya he is 13. I love my kids they hugs me and kiss me i really going to be strong just for them. I love all my family and friends for their support, love,prayers, trail food ,visit flowers and there time.God bless them all. And I belive in prayers and God miracles I want to tell everyone who is going through hard times our God do miracles we just need believe in him .With God all things is possible! !! Just be strong
portland, OR