I feel Blessed

My name is Lanita J. Borjas and I am a survivor of one year as of March 12th of 2009. I feel very blessed because we were able to find my cancer in its first stage. I was a firm believer in going and having my Mammograms every year and found that is the only way to really be sure to catch it in time. I didn't have to go through any radiation or hormones etc. I decided for myself to feel somewhat safer that I have both of my breasts removed and I am very happy that I did. I don't have a husband any longer and if I had I still would have done it this way. I wanted to feel better about my future and do so now because of it. Anyway, I just wanted to let someone else know that I feel that I am doing so well because I have such a wonderful family and my daughter has stood by me through everything and supported my feelings in every way. Thank you to everyone that does so much.
Lanita J. Borjas
Orland, CA