I may have lost my pretty hair but I still have my beautiful life

Sharing my story helps the healing process. Although my journey has just begun, I will survive and so will you. Having a positive attitude is extremely important. It would be so easy to just sit and think, "poor me", but that will not change the fact that I'm fighting for my life. By thinking positive, it helps me realize that this is just a small moment in my life and I can get threw this. I'm 32 & in April 2014 I noticed by bra bugging me. I didn't think anything of it. In May my husband and I moved to another state, still not a worry crossed my mind. In June my left breast felt sore for a couple days and I figured it was nothing. June 9th I was thinking about how I needed to find a doctor in this new state so I could refill my birth control meds. I remembered how they always ask if you do your monthly breast exams and I always have to say no, so I figured this time I would check before hand so I could say I've checked. I lifted my left arm and immediately felt the lump. Two words came out of my mouth which I cannot write. I felt my right breast hoping it would feel the same meaning it wouldn't mean anything, but nothing was there. I felt the left one again and started to cry. I knew it was cancer. It was 2x3 inches and doubled in size that next week. After many doctor visits &test it was determined I have invasive ductal breast cancer stage 3 negative 3. I have the brac 1 gene. The plan is 16 chemo treatments, then a double mastectomy (&ovaries out), radiation. I'm currently doing chemo.12 down 4 more to go. I thank God &my family for carrying me through this. Things don't just happen, I'm slowly seeing the pieces God has put together.I know I moved to this new state for these doctors who can help my individual needs.Never give up ! I can't wait to be a survivor.

courtney woods
McCalla, AL