I never gave it a second thought.

My story begins in November of 2014 when I found a small lump in my right breast. From that moment on, my life would never be the same. I had all the normal testing, mammograms, ultra sound, biopsy and finally a lumpectomy. It was the removal of the lump that gave me a reality check and an introduction into the world of breast cancer. I was given options and decided on double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. There is no words that can describe the emotional, mental and the physical trauma of the notification of the "C" word. But I am determined that this will not beat me and have made it my personal mission to overcome this little bump in the road of life. I have learned that you can actually do anything that you set your mind to. Now I have scares and have a few more surgeries ahead of me, but my scares are a tribute to the battles that I have won and the battles that I will continue to fight. I wake up everyday with the mentality that life is a gift and with each breath I take, is a breath to the future that I have yet to live. My future is bright and I have so much more to look forward to. So for all of you out there that are experiencing the same bump in the road, be strong, be determined, be ready to fight but most of all live and love your life.
Melissa Hicks
Bluff City, TN