I survived

In January 2008 I found a lump. Convinced it was nothing to worry about I went for a check up, had a mammogram, scan and a core biopsy. Results came back and I was told that I had cells that maybe one day could turn into cancerous cells. For some unknown reason I didnt feel too sure about the results. I asked to be refered to another hospital. By this time it was March. I had another mammogram and an MRI scan. On March 13th I was told that I had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy urgently. Which I had on the 18th of March. I was so shocked afterwards to think I could have carried on regardless and ended up dead. I have since had reconstructive surgery and am now waiting for nipple reconstruction. I couldnt have done it without the support of my family and friends. In three weeks time I am going to Barbados with my husband and I will be able to wear bikinis. I am also planning on trying to renew our wedding vows while we are there. I still thank my gaurdian angel every day.
Lowestoft, United Kingdom