I Thank God and His Angels Every Day

In June 2002 I started a diet to lose weight for my daughter's wedding and my son's graduation. I started to take fat blockers to lose weight fast, but thanks to the pills a lump popped up on my right breast. On September 11, 2002 I had a lump removed and was diagnosed with breast cancer, what a blow, but through my faith in God I got through, just the taught with no hair, we are so vain. I started chemotherapy on December 16, 2002 on our 30th Wedding Anniversary, at lease my husband and I were together, and radiation started in June 2003. I didn't lose the weight, but that didn't matter anymore, I lost my hair, but I was still able to attend my son Marc's graduation that year and Monique's wedding on June 28, what a busy year. I just felt bad as I couldn't be there for them, in helping them out as I should, but only when I could. Thanks to God and all the friends (angels) in my life, they made it a lot easier to face treatment, and all the new friends I made in Moncton, hospitals and L'Auberge Mgr-Henri-Cormier, it was like a home away from home. I think that through the years my faith has become stronger. I am a survivor, as on Feburary 25, 2009, and on March 22, 2009 I became a grandmother to two boys. We have to be thankful for all we have in our lives , because there are a lot others, worse off than we are.
Miramichi, Canada