I what???

In June 2005 my family doctor scanned my chart and said that I was almost 40 and it wouldn't hurt to get a baseline mammogram. I had a mammogram, then followed by an ultrasound. After the ultrasound I was whisked down the hall to the surgeon, 2 days later I had a biopsy. The surgeon said everything looked normal and sent me home. Three days later, I went in to have the stitches out. It was just a "routine" post-op checkup. My surgeon looked at me and blurted, "You have cancer." I had no one with me but my 8 year old daughter who was sitting at the nurse's station. My husband was at work and I just received the worst news of my life....alone. A few days later I was scheduled to have a lumpectomy. A week later, my husband who had been having back problems had major back surgery. Our first anniversary was spent with both of us recovering from surgery. I began chemotherapy and 14 days later I lost all of my hair. I cried out to God as I pulled handful after handful of hair and asked Him if He could subtract this fast since He knew the number of hairs on my head. August rolled around and it was time to go back to school. I had moved buildings and grade levels in May and now I had a ton of unpacking to do and a new grade level to adjust to. I didn't know if it was first grade or chemo that was kicking my butt. November rolled around and 6 weeks of radiation began. It has been 4 years and I am cancer free. I am so blessed to be healthy, enjoying my family and working at a job I love.
Sonja West
Webb City, MO