I will stay positive.

I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in March 5, 2015, and I underwent surgery to remove the 1cm cancer in March 31. I found out after my surgery through the pathology tests that I had triple positive HER2. I’ve just completed my four rounds of chemotherapy in August 4. Now onto 18 sessions of targeted therapy Herceptin, 5 weeks of radiation therapy, then hormonal therapy for 5-10 years. All of this for a 1cm cancer that’s supposed to be gone.. My daughter is currently in the US for college, and although I'm truly sad that she only gets to visit me here and there throughout the year, I know I will get through this. My daughter tells me to fight on, so that's what I'm doing! Fighting on like a Trojan! Looking forward to when I can visit her in the sunny California again like I did last year. I have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me. I’m a patient now but I’ll soon be a survivor in the near future. I will stay strong!
Tokyo, Japan