I'm 36 and I have Breast Cancer

I noticed the lump in my left breast about a month a so ago. went to the doctor on April 3, 2009, followed by a mammogram, a biopsy and then on April 9, 2009 I found out I had breast cancer. It started in my milk ducts, the same milk ducts that used to get clogged while I was breast feeding my daughter. It's in stage 3 and I have to have masectomy. My Dr. said I was young, but I'm here to tell you Cancer knows no age. I want you to know I am Fine, Fabulous and a Fighter. I refuse to let this defeat me. I was once told You need to stop waiting for the storm to pass, and learn to dance in the Rain, and that's what I plan on doing...
Tamiko Edwards
Twin Cities, MN