im a breat cancer survivor

Hello everyone. It's my 3rd year but be telling people it's my 2nd by mistake as it has gone so fast.Today I'm at the stage that I am so far along the path where I feel much better within my self ,I am a very positive person and always will be .My story starts from when I was diagnosed I couldn't believe the impact it caused to me an my family,just didn't think it would ever happen to me at all.I knew I had to deal with it and at the same time was to keep a smile on my face where really I was crying in side .My surgery was major I was cut 8 inches down my right side lumpectomy with reconstruction could go to work for 6 months,I had drains coming out of me which was painful no one could ever know in my family what I suffered unless if you was going through it.Some days was worse then others I had to have radiation for 5days for 6 weeks which made me very tired.but I survived all this it isn't at all easy but I got there ,with the support of my husband I would not had got by so I thank him for the care and support .My self at this very moment in time is barring together some days are bad other days I can't stop laughing life goes on and I am one of the lucky ones.I am in remission for 5 years and I know I will be okay....Thanks also for the support from breast cancer buddies,McMillan Wrexhampark,kingEdward hospital. I
karen baker
slough, United Kingdom