I'm So Blessed!!

In September 2003, I had my routine mammogram. When I received my letter telling me the results, it was suggested that I have a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and possibly a biopsy done on my left breast. While the technician was doing the ultrasound, a radiologist entered the room to do the biopsy. Before prepping me for the biopsy, he introduced himself and then said to me, "We are looking at cancer here". I was completely shocked. He then did a core biopsy and told me he would send the report to my doctor in order to get a referral for surgery. I thought that surely he was wrong, afterall, he had only seen the mammogram and the ultrasound. I just thought how unprofessional he was to tell me that before getting a pathology report and sending it to my doctor to tell me the results. I guess he had seen enough to know, because it was cancer. I came home after seeing my doctor and having him tell me that it was indeed cancer. The night before my surgery, I went out on our deck after my husband went to bed and cried and prayed. I finally came inside and crept into bed. My husband hugged me and started praying aloud. I knew the moment he started praying that I would be ok. I had surgery in late September that year. I was very lucky. I had a lumpectomy and all the lymph nodes taken from under my left arm. The cancer was a stage 2-hormone receptive cancer. I had 35 radiation treatments, 3 years of Tamoxofin and still take Femara. I did a stereotactic byopsy 2 years ago due to some microcalifications, but all was fine. God has blessed me so, yet the fear of recurrence is always there.
Nancy Cumbee
Salem, SC