In Loving Memory of Betty Lynn Malone

In Sept of 2000, my sister, Betty Lynn Malone went to the ER on three different occasions each time complaining about shoulder pain. Each time no tests were run and she was released with the dr saying that she had pulled a muscle due to playing softball. On the fourth visit to the ER my mother went with, this time demanding that they admit her. They did and one week later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember that day so vividly because I was the one crying not her. She said to me, "don't cry I am going to be ok. I am going to fight it." One week later on September 16, 2000 she passed away. She was only 40 years old , a mother of two young boys. I just want all women to know if you have any kind of pain please get it checked out asap. And for those who are fighting this ugly disease I am praying for you. Today my Sister has been gone 15 years. She was our heart and soul and she continues to be. I love you Lindy...
kelly paulsen
Niles, IL