In Memory of : Maria Delgado -- Te Amo Con Todo Mi Corazon

I was in 7th grade when my grandma was 1st diagnosed with breast cancer, but it wasn't until my eigth grade year that it hit stage four. I could never forget those days in the hospital praying to God that she'd be okay. I hate the pain I saw in my mom's eyes; I can't even imagine the pain she goes through every day. I strongly encourage for every single female to go get mammograms constantly because my grandma's breast cancer was detected to late, and leaded to a brian tumor, which is very common with any cancer. Every year we walk in a "Walk For Breast Cancer" in South Padre Island. I encourage all of you to join the walk and raise awareness. I wish my kind-heated grandmother was here today, but I know she's watching over us. I hope she knows how much we love her and how much we miss her. And like she'd always says: GO TARPONS!!!!!! (Port Isabel Tarpons from Texas in The Rio Grande Valley)
biancha esquivel
los fresnos, TX