Invasive Ductal Carsinoma

It was January 2009 when I scheduled my routine mammogram. Coming from a large family from upstate New York, I have 4 sisters with one being an identical twin. It never crossed my mind that I would get a call saying that my mammo was suspicious as no one in my family had ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. Two weeks after my first mammo I was in for my second one. After my second one was completed the drs office wanted me to stay and have an ultrasound done on my left breast. I left the office and returned to work and that was when I started to think that maybe something was indeed wrong. This was on a Friday. The following Monday I received a call from my drs office stating that she wanted me to have a MRI done but would have to have it approved through my insurance first. Finally the first week of February I was approved for the MRI. It was Monday and my dr told me if I didn't hear anything by Thursday to give her a call. The very next morning, she confirmed that the MRI showed a small maliginant lump in my left breast. The following week I had an appt for a core needle biopsy which confirmed that I had Invasive Ductal Carsinoma. My surgeon informed me it was stage one, said he would do a lumpectomy which he performed later that week. I completed 3 1/2 weeks of partial breast radiation in April and I will take Femara for at least 5 years. The good news is I am doing fine with the support of my boyfriend and family and that I became a member to a bigger family..breast cancer survivor.
Albany, NY