It can happen to anyone...

April 2007... I had my prescription for my annual mammogram in my wallet for close to a year the paper was looking worn and being due for my annual gyn appt and not wanting to get told about not going I thought I better get this done. Two mammograms, ultrasound and biopsy later, going for my appt to get my results that surely were 98% looking like nothing I was told "I didn't think I'd be telling you this but you have breast cancer... not one but two types. My thoughts were "I must be in the wrong room... not me.. no history, no health problems,etc.... I don't want to be in the "pink club" no thanks.." After digesting this info... making appts with oncologists, surgeons, etc and wanting "this out of me as soon as possible" I had bilateral mastectomies at age 45.... (i dont need them anyway , right!) lucky for me... all lymph nodes were negative and after multiple scans no mets.not feeling whole for a year I decided to have reconstructive surgery last May... Now being a survivor.. I can see the reason for the "pink club".... for anyone that has not lived this, I wish you never do.. but I have now put myself on a mission to assure everyone I know and don't know get your annual mammogram and do not wait as this can be caught and corrected!!
Sweet Valley, PA