It Couldn't Get Any Worst

My spouse was diagnosed with ALS in Nov 1994. I was diagnosed with breast cancer Jan 1996. I was Greg's soul caregiver. I took Greg to his office on Jan 17, 1996 to Clear out his desk. I went for a Mamogram while he said his goodbyes. The call came 2 days later. Something on film, need to retest. Ductal cancer. We opted for a total mastectomy as I needed to get well quickly. Luckily I needed no chimo or radiation. My surgery was Valentine's day. My friend Bobbie took me to the hospital and my husband's friend Phil bought him to the hospital in his wheel chair to visit me as he could no longer use his legs. When I came home we were quite a sight. I could not use my left arm and he couldn't walk. He helped me everyday clean my Jackson Pratts. I have been cancer free for 19 years. My loving husband died in July 2010. That was 16 years living with ALS. He contributed his longevity to my loving care. I quite my office job in April 1998 to take care of him all by myself. There are many more stories of our life with these 2 deadly diseases But not enough space. Thank you for letting me tell our story. My mother died of breast cancer as did both of my grandmothers. He was 44 when diagnosed and 2 years later I was 44 when diagnosed.
Betty Giacometti
Alliance, OH