Just Eating Chips, Now I Have Cancer?

And that is how it started....sitting on my sofa in late Oct 2008, watching TV and eating some chips. I started to brush the crumbs of the front of my shirt and my hand hit an area on my left breast and it was sore. I started to push and probe and felt it..a lump I had not felt before. Several days later, my primary care physician said yes, we need to get that checked and referred me for an mammogram. After the mammogram, a biopsy was completed immediately. As the doctor stood there saying it was definitely cancer, explaining what needed to be done, all I could think was wait, CANCER, what is going on? God, this can't be happening! So began the scans, the surgery to remove the tumor. the tubes, the Brache radiation treatment...and then the chemotherapy. As if having cancer wasn't scary enough. the anxiety of loosing my beloved hair was the kicker. I think until then I was pretty strong. As the weeks passed, my hair began to shed, finally while standing in the mirror pulling strand after strand (mind you, I loved my hair), it suddenly dawned on me that this is it (like the previous months weren't enough huh?). I did make it through chemotherapy, praying everyday, asking God to strengthen me for the next week. Praise God my last chemo session was April 24 and on to five weeks of radiation, every day. Radiation wasn't a bad process, just the sessions everyday left me exhausted, both physically and mentally. But here I am on the other side of this big "C". Proud to say with God's help and the love and support of my great family and friends, I am a SURVIVOR. Early detection is the key..and chips!
Connie M Alexander
Avondale, AZ