just got the news..

i never thought that i would also share my story here... usually, i am reading the others.. but now, we just found out today, july 25, that our mother has stage 2 cancer.. she was asked to have a mammogram a year ago when my father was being hospitalized. since she was busy tending to the needs of my father and mine, since a month after my father's hospitalization, i got sick too. these events prompted her to withdraw the test considering we were already short of fund at that time. she did not took the prescription seriously.. however, an incident took place during the wake of my father.. my daughter saw the inverted nipples on the breast of my mother.. my brother, being a medical student, check the breast of my mother. he felt the lumps so he urged my mother to pay a check-up with the doctors.. and after a series of ultrasound and biopsies, the result was stage 2 cancer.. i immediately scan through the different internet sites, hoping to get the immediate possible treatment.. seeking for answers and asking for help and prayers.. since right now, all searches points to one thing, that is surgery.. we want to have it done immediately but we need funds to do it.. we have not yet fully recovered from the financial crisis we had since the death of my father, which was only february of this year... we would appreciate very much whatever it is that you can extend to our family.. thanks and God bless..
Davao City, Philippines