Keep The Faith

In July 2000, we found out that Mom, who was 60 at the time, had inflammatory breast cancer as well as a tumor. Her doctor and surgeon moved very quickly and she had a mastectomy immediately. The next few months were a very long hard struggle for Mom and the rest of the family. She had all the necessary tests done before you can start your treatment. Then she began her chemo regimen. Mom's chemo was very intense (it has been referred to as the red devil). Unfortunately, Mom became very ill from her treatments, and after three sessions ended up in the hospital on December 4th. The doctors did not think she would make it through the night. We said our prayers, and God must have been listening. The next two to three months were touch and go; we lived hour by hour for the next six weeks but she came through it. As Mom got a little stronger, the doctors decided that chemo was maybe not the answer for her, so in April 2001 she started her six weeks of radiation. This was very painful but I would say pretty effective, because as of July 2009, my mom will be cancer-free for 9 years. The best advice I can give is: never say never and keep a positive attitude, even when things look bleak and hopeless. And never give up on your loved ones. They will draw positive energy from your positive thoughts.

Marilyn Whitfield
Wingham, Canada