Know When It Feels Different!

Last year I lost 40 pounds (on purpose!). After I lost the weight, the fibrous tissue in my right breast felt a lot different. It was pushing towards the nipple, and hurt off and on. I thought I'd go for my mammogram (which I kept up with every year) and they would tell me to cut down on caffeine! They did a diagnostic mammogram, didn't see anything but dense tissue in the right breast, but wanted to have a further look at a tiny spot on the left breast. They did an ultrasound, and didn't see anything but dense tissue in the right, but wanted to re-look at the tiny shadow on the left breast. They did the biopsy, which I was sure would be fine, because 1) if it's both breasts it's not usually cancer 2) if it hurts, they say it's not usually cancer 3) no BC in my family and I'm only 45. We were even laughing while waiting for the results because "Dr. Beaver" was called over the intercom, and my husband said he must be a gynocologist!! Well, it was cancer in both sides. The MRI showed the right breast had a 5.2cm lump that was like a spiderweb in the dense tissue. The left side had a 2mm lump, that probably saved me because they kept re-looking! After being diagnosed as Stage 3, I've been through chemo (ACT), gene testing (negative), double mastectomy with LD flap for reconstuction, and am through with 19 of 25 sessions of radiation. Then a little bit more "fixing up the girls" with a small surgery at the end, and five years of medicine and I'll be done! I have an AMAZING husband, family, friends, and health care givers! Know your body!!!
Traci Clancy
Florence, KY