Last day of chemo!

On Feb 2015 I woke up a painful lump in my armpit. Couple months prior I had gotten one near my armpit but over time disappeared. I admit it I cancelled my doctors appointment because I was cheap. I got scared when I got another very painful lump so this time my cheap/impatient side of me decided to go to a walking clinic. They told me by just looking at it and feeling it that it was just a skin infection so they gave me antibiotics and pain meds and if it didn't get better in a week to come back or just go to emergency room. A week later I was still in a lot of pain and my husband just said to just go to the hospital asap. That next morning I went to hospital and got ultrasound they said it might be an infection but it's too deep in my armpit that I must consult with the hospital surgeon. Two days later the surgeon is arranging surgery to remove what was there. A week after that he is giving me the news the worst news ever that I had breast cancer. By 8:30 am the following day I am with the oncologist going over the treatments. Now today October 23, 2015 I have finished my chemo treatment (16 rounds). Now I get to start 28 rounds of radiation treatments and hopefully by next summer get my final reconstruction surgery since I also got a double bilateral mastectomy. My families and friends patience, support, and many prayers it's what has given me the strength. I share this because I want peole not to ignore your bodies warnings pay attention to your body and consult a doctor ASAP if you feel something wrong instead of procrastinating or being cheap.
Ludy Campbell
Fort Lauderdale, FL