Lessons From A Bald Chick

I was diagnosed with breast cancer during my yearly mammagram when I was 45 years old. My mother died from breast cancer and I have five sisters, so my diagnosis completely rocked our world. A friend immediately went out to look for a book to teach her how to help me through the ordeal. No such book existed. I wrote a book, Lessons from a Bald Chick, to help the cancer patient through the cancer experience, as well as to teach others how to help the patient by what to say and not say and what to do and not do. The book is a humorous book about a serious topic. I decided to give the royalties from the book away to individulas and organizations battling cancer and started a business for this called Bald Chick Ministry. Since the book's release I have been asked to speak to organizations for doctors, nurses, survivor support groups, book clubs, churches, women's groups, and ministries. I recently shared the book with our governor's wife! The book is available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble. com, Booklocker.com, and Target.com. Bookstores will order it using this ISBN: 978-1-60145-726-4. When life hands you lemons...........write a book!
MaryBeth Hall
Covington, KY