Life is Good

I have been a breast cancer survivor for 5 years. My mother died of breast cancer in 1990. The physician that did her mastectomy told my 2 sisters and myself that we needed to be very careful and keep up with the mammograms. My doctor found a lump in my breast on a Thursday. I went for a mammogram that last 3 hours on Friday. They took so many pictures because it turns out I had 3 tumors in my left breast. On Monday I saw the surgeon and he explained to me that I had cancer. I was numb at first, but later was scared to death since I lost my mom to cancer. I had a mastectomy and lymph node removal the following Thursday. I had one lymph node positive for cancer, however, they took out 39 lymph nodes. I had chemotherapy for 8 months and now I am cancer free. Praise God!! I support this website because early detection is the key and there is nobody exempt from possibly getting cancer. I have a new perspective on life. I love each day and I don't take many things for granted anymore. I have 3 wonderful boys and hope to never go thru cancer again. Hopefully they will find a cure as long as people keep supporting their research. If you have breast cancer right now, hang in there, take good care of yourself and you will get thru it and life will get back to normal.
Dayton, OH