Life is not forever, but LOVE is...

Joanne Campbell, wife, friend and mother of three beautiful daughters lost her courageous 2 year battle with breast cancer on September 22, 2008 at age 49. Jo passed away just 6 days before our oldest daughter was to be married. She was no doubt looking down on her family on the day of the wedding. Jo fought and endured the treatment regimen of Stage IV bc, knowing the realistic prognosis. She did this with great courage, love, sacrifice, commitment and above all, selflessness. The last 2 years of our short 30 year life together were probably the best. Jo lived life to the fullest and she acknowledged the blessing of each important milestone she experienced during this challenging 2 years. During Jo's battle we walked in honor of her for 2 years at the Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for CancerCare annual event. On May 17th, 2009, we walked not only in her memory but also to support the lives of many patients being treated at this wonderful community based Cancer Center. The life improving services provided to these courageous women and men enduring their treatments is a direct result of the caring and loving concern by the community as well as the patients and caregivers that participate in the event. Although my wife lost her battle, she never gave up the fight and my daughters and I will continue her inspirational fight by continuing to help support the lives of the local community. Jo's LOVE will indeed last forever. To all those suffering with this disease as well as the caregivers that support them, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Kevin Campbell
Chelmsford, MA