Listen to your body!

At the age of 44 I got the news..."it is cancer." For over 6 months, I had been experiencing a problem with my right nipple. It was itchy and irritated. Having breastfed my two children years before, I had frequently experienced sore, cracked nipples. So I pretty much ignored the problem--until the nipple began discharging and having "raw" areas. I changed soaps, used special creams...Nothing just got worse. Finally, I went to my Doctor and she confirmed my very worse fears... Cancer of the Nipple or Pagets Disease.I had NEVER heard of it. From there I went to the fabulous SIU Breast Center in Springfield, IL...and they recommended a "scarless" mastectomy with a tram-flap reconstruction. My nodes were chemo!! That was 10 years ago and I am feeling great...and very very lucky! Every year since my diagnosis, the females in my family celebrate with me at our local Race for the Cure...we had 4 generations there this year!!
Argenta, IL