i had a breast reduction ten years ago and was told that I had some abnormal cells that they were about to take out in the milk duct during this procedure that would mean I was cured. no reason to do anything else other than take tomixifen for 5 years. now ten years later a yearly mammogram showed a small tiny little spot that would take out and I had to do radiation after the surgery. Radiation is an experience like no other I ever have had. It was a pain to go there daily when you live 30 miles one way , away.,,, but the people at memorial medical center cancer center were so wonderful and I even cried when I went my last day cause I was going to miss them. it was like, they had taken over my life and healthcare for a month, and now they were throwing me out on my own in this cruel world again, but I am so thankful for modern technology and people who care. I am now cancer free, recovering from radiation burning, and thankful to be here. don't ever give up, a positive attitude will get you so much further in this journey of ductual carcinoma in situ!!!!
cheryl Boyd
lincoln, IL