Maine state troopers help fight the breast cancer foundation

Last year each Trooper from the Maine State Police ran these plates on their cruisers for breast cancer awareness month. At the end of the month the Troopers were able to keep one plate and the second was auctioned off. The proceeds were then donated to help fight the cause which around $40,000 This year Dane and I were honored to donate our plates to our dear friend Michelle Fortin, who kicked cancers ass! I was diagnosed September 11, 2015 with Lobular carcinoma Cancer. On October 15,2015 I underwent a Bi Lateral mastectomy in Boston, Massachusetts. I never looked backed. From there I went back to work, coaching and spending value time with family and friends. It is such a privilege to be given this plague representing such a great cause. Though the battle may not be over, it's in my rear view mirror thanks to all my family, friends, and support I have received. Thank you to our Maine state troopers for your support and generosity! Sincerely and with Love Michelle
Michelle Fortin
Winthrop, ME