Mammogram Found Early Breast Cancer

I went in for my yearly Mammogram last November. My grandmother died from Breast cancer and my older sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer 6 years ago, so I never miss my yearly mammogram! Within an hour after my mammogram, the doctors office contacted me and told me I needed to come in for another Mammogram because they found breast calcifications on the first one. After having my second mammogram, I met with the radiologist who strongly suggested that I have a biopsy. Following his suggestion, I had a biopsy two weeks later. It came back positive for non-invasive and invasive ductal carcinoma Stage 1. I had a fantastic surgeon and he removed all of the cancerous tissue during the biopsy. Because the cancer was so small and the margins around the cancerous tissue was clear, as well as my lymph nodes, I only need to have 21 radiation treatments. They used to do 30-33 radiation treatments, but the new thing with early breast cancer is 21 treatments. I will have radiation in a prone position where my breast hangs through a hole in the radiation table, so they only radiate the breast and not the heart, lungs and ribs! I am so blessed that the mammogram showed the calcifications and my cancer was detected early! I believe every woman should have a yearly mammogram, no matter what the cost, or what their insurance companies tell them! It not only saved my breast, it saved my Life!
Sandee Jorns
Sturgeon Bay, WI