Mammograms Make All the Difference

I am a breast cancer survivor! When I first received the news that I had breast cancer two years ago, I was devastated, and felt like I had just been handed a death sentence. I was fortunate that it had been caught early during a mammogram, and was non-invasive. After having a lumpectomy and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation, I thought I was done with cancer. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer in my other breast 8 months later during my follow-up mammogram. This time there was a small section (4mm) that was invasive. In addition to my lumpectomy and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation, I needed to have my lymph node removed. Once again, I was very fortunate as the cancer hadn't spread to the lymph nodes. I just had my second follow-up mammogram after my two 'bad' ones, and am very happy to say that I was cancer free both times. If it hadn't have been for my mammograms, I think I'd be telling a much different story.
Pat Lohn
Orlando, FL