Medical miracle

My grandmother was the most stubborn person you would have ever met.. When I was 11 and i remember this clearly, my mother noticed the discomfort she was in. (Nobody was aware of this- but she has gone undiagnosed for 4 years prior to that) After all the stuffing in her shirt, her breast were shriviled and had open sores. Agaist her will she was taken to the doctor. She refused all treatment and doctors gave her a year at most. 10 years later, she hurt her back cleaning under her sofa. She was hospitalized and doctors said the cancer has spread to her bones. Again, doctors told us to start making funeral arrangements that it would be any time now. As a medical miracle once again, 2 years after that she moved in with us clearly in bad shape. Hospice came every day for the next year until she peacefully passed away in her sleep. She lived 14 years with out treatment- her determination to live kept her alive. I love and miss you grandma.
Rahway, NJ