Miracle healing- ( FYI- My picture on this facebook) - I am deaf

My cancer was caught early when my deaf friend, whose healthy co- worker like me died from the breast cancer without feeling any pain until later , urged me to see my doctor. At that time I started to feel a lump in my right breast a few months later after I had a check -up . And I did not have a chance to make calls for having mammograms due to a new hospital in Plano, TX, where my family doctor recommanded at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano in Spring, 2007.. I waited until after my summer camp, then I had an appointment with my another doctor for my mammograms at the same hospital, about 45 minutes drive from Dallas. Later I was told to return to have a biopsy done at once before they found out that it was a cancer (stage 2). So I asked my friends at church and schools to pray for me and informed this bad news to our families. Many prayers went up and God is good to us . Finally I had my mastecomy after my discussion with my best Oncologist and breast surgeon at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano based on my biogsy report showed that my right breast cancer is interducial , meaning that there was a higher chance and it can spread if it was left and not treated. So it was serious to get the entire breast . Due to my small breast with a big tumor, it wont came back if I got rid of my entired brease with1 lymphnode, which was positive for cancer. I had the removal of my mediport last Jan.,2009 ,even my health improved dramatically after taking USANA vitamins starting last March, 2008.as long as I still take Arimidex daily ( four years left).
Linda Fenske
Dallas, TX