Mom survives yet again.

In March of 2001, my mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a radical mastectomy and lymph node removal. My husband and I were returning from Hawaii after his deployment there with the military. I didn't know until we returned that she had the surgery. Every year since then she celebrates by walking in our annual Relay for Life Cancer Survivor Walk. I have walked every year with her on her first lap and every year we have been blessed to have her around. This past June we celebrated 8 years cancer free. The day after the walk, she found out that once again, she had breast cancer in her other breast. She is also in early onset Alzheimer's and I feared the worse. She had a bilateral mastectomy yesterday and today, in the hospital, she is up and moving around like nothing ever happened. Her family and friends, church members, and past co-workers have rallied around her with prayers for her to come thru this with no worries. Once again Mom is a survivor!
Rita Sapp
Oak Grove, KY