My loving mother had breast cancer. She was so caring and so craftsy I dont really remember much about her because i was young but she loved scrapbooking and sewing and JUST EVERYTHING!!! she was so nice to me and my 5 other siblings. She had the strength to pick us up almost everyday from the bus stop on her scooter. One time she went to go get the mail and she fell. she had to get a hip replacement. She is just so nice. There aren't enough words to describe the love she shared with everyone. She was also a clown she just loved to make people happy. Two years after I was born she was diagnosed with breast cancer. i hope you know this is just a kid writing this story. My brothers dont like to talk about her but I love to. It just makes me feel so good to remember the fun times. I can't tell you much but I can tell you that mommy died of cancer. It was so sad. I lost my BEST FRIEND in the WHOLE world. But I will always remember her. Especially when people call me a little Barbara. That just makes my day.
Lexington, KY