My name is Mrs. Foust and this is my story. I found out I had Stage 2b breast cancer when my son, who is now 3, was 9 months old and I was only 27 years old. All of sudden, I became lost and didn't know what to do. I asked God why this was happening to me and I felt this chill come over me and I remembered how I had asked God to bring me closer to him. Well if this couldn't do it, nothing would. I suddenly regained my sense of ownership. I had to face this one way or the other. My doctor came up with a treatment plan and it was on. I made sure I did everything I was supposed to do, eating right, resting and praying. The Chemo made me very sick but I said I am going to beat this and I fought on. After the Chemo came surgery. I accepted what came my way. I had to do what I had to do. My son needed me as well as my husband. I was determined to win! I had so much support and I even completed the walk for breast cancer when I had just completed radiation. I felt great. After the RACE for THE CURE - I became MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! It was not easy - my battle against breast cancer- but I won. Whatever battle you are facing in life, my meassage to you is "You are more than a conqueror - you are a WINNER!!!!!!!! Always fight the good fight - It will be well worth it.
Indianapolis, IN