Mother and 3 daughters fight against breast cancer

My mother, Gail, first had breast cancer in 1999. She went through chemotherapy and had a lumpectomy. She was in remission until 2013 when she was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer. This time she went through chemotherapy again and had a double mastectomy. On top of that she got tested to find out if she was a gene carrier which came back positive for being a carrier. My sister, Tammy, got tested. Her results came back negative for the gene. However, the doctocs found breast cancer in an early enough stage she did not have to have chemotherapy but she did have a double mastectomy. My other sister, Bobbie and I both tested positive for the breast cancer gene and we both had double mastectomy's. My sister's and I also had total hysterectomy's as well because the type of cancer gene we carried also affected that part as well. It is now 2015 and my mother, sister's, and myself are all doing great. My mother finished her chemotherapy and is slowly growing her hair back out. My sister's and I are all doind good frombour surgeries, we haven't finished all the procedures at this time but should be done by the end of the year.I am so thankful to my mom for having the test done so that I could take steps now to hopefully prevent getting breast cancer. For a ling time my mom kept apologizing but my sister's aand I keep telling her that there's nothing to be sorry for and that we are greatful that she gave us the chance to fight it before it fights us. I love you mom you are an inspiration to me and many other women.
DesMoines, IA