My Breast Cancer Journey

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December, 1999 shortly after by 50th birthday. After a biopsy procedure and finding out the tumor was malignant, I shared with my surgeon that I needed to dance at my 2 year old grandson's wedding some day. So in January of 2000, I had a mastectomy of my right breast, reconstruction, and six months follow-up of chemotherapy. In the name of the Lord, I claimed that I would be cured! While turning 50 was a bit traumatic, from that point on my philosophy of age is that it's only relative. The blessing in my experience gave me a totally new outlook on my life's journey. I joyfully celebrated by 51st birthday and I will be turning 60 next October. My grandson will be 11 in December; and yes, I am still planning to dance at his wedding, as well as the weddings of 6 other grandkids!
Linda L Blake
Dayton, OH