my breast cancer journey

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct. 2003. I am now cancer free and a totally different person than I was then. Cancer taught me to truly love myself. Instead of constantly being busy doing everything for everyone else, I now allow myself daily time for just me. I sit outside and appreciate the beauty all around me. I am thankful for the blue skies, colorful flowers, green trees and the mesmerizing sounds of all of the birds. My silent "inner chatter" in my head is now positive about myself. I am worthy of self love and am worthy of everyone else's love. Realigning our inner emotions to match up with our desire to survive and truly live is a key building block to our basic foundation of healing. This process of positive thinking along with a lumpectomy, then a mastectomy with immediate reconstrunction, followed by chemo helped me be the person I am today. I like the new me!
Linda Murphy
Mooresville, NC