I found a lump on my breast i wouldnt go to the doctor afraid of what he might tell me i was very scared.I waited a year before i went to the doctor.A woman at work was going through the same thing she talk me in to go to the doctor on July17 2007 four days after my birthday i found out i had breast cancer.I thought my life was over but i was wrong the chemo nearly kill me i couldnt eat i lost so much weight in and out of the hosptial.There was one man that was always with me and never left me and that was GOD he got me through all that sickness.Nearly two years later i am doing great. I support breast cancer everyone should.Women can beat breast cancer i did and thats the most aweful thing to go through.I pray and help those with cancer. MAY GOD BLESS EVERY WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCER.
karen clark
guntersville, AL