my breast cancer

In Feb. of 2008 I found a lump in my left breast.I had gone to 4 different doctors about the knot and they all told me not to worry about it,said i was young and they was sure it was nothing but a cyst.So listening to all these doctors and 1 being my family doctor I went on about my busy life working fulltime and a fulltime mom.At the end of Sept. 2008 i started thinking to myself this knot really hurts and its getting bigger so I went to my gyno and had him take a look at it.He sent me to have a surgical bio. done on it.So on Oct.6 2008 i went in for surgery and on Oct 9 2008 the surgeon called me and my family in only to tell us that he had removed 3 tumors.We talked about my options and mine was to have both breast removed.On Oct.23 2008 I went back in to have the surgery done.When the test came back it was heartbreaking I not only had it in my breast but my lymph nodes as well.I have invasive ductal carcinoma.I am 34 and all I could so was worry bout my family my kids.The doctor set me up to do chemo in Dec. 2008.I have now finished with all the chemo as of May 12 2009 and I just started with radiation.My message i want to spread is for all women no matter what the doctors might tell you we all know our bodies and when something is wrong so stay on top of it.I wished looking back I would have stayed on top of mine cause this might have not spread so fast and so bad.
So. Fulton, TN