MY Cacner Story Estrogen Positive Cancer

I have had mammo's since I was 40. No one in my family had ever had breast cancer. I always had my yearly mammo's on my birthday. Easy way to remember to take care of self. In 2000 had to redo a mammo, all came back well. In 2004 was told that I had calcification in breast tissue of left breast, but after the radiologist studied all the prior X Rays saw no change, was given an OK, but was told to do my self exams and to be aware of the calcifications, they were a precursor to cancer. In 2007 my mammo came back suspicious. A second mammo was done. Next a sonogram on the right breast. There was a very small cancer inside the milk duct. Then a needle biopsy was done to determine it was indeed a malignant cancer. This was done in Nov. 07. I was then scheduled for a lumpectomy, then a second lumpectomy. Each procedure had to be done in order locate the good and bad cells inside the breast. By the 21st of December I was on my way to the hospital and had gone ahead and opted to have the bilateral mastectomy. With the doctor doing an Oncotype DX test on me finding I had estrogen positive cancer, I knew that this was the only way I could have peace of mind with my breasts milk ducts being removed. I now have two wonderfully happy healthy breasts and that is the main thing. I am no longer a Rachel Welsh, the DD's are gone but I have my life and no backaches or neck issues. God is good and my Doctors were Angels.
Sandy West
Bedford, TX