My Cancer

Hi My name is Juanita I have had some experiences with cancer. In Nov. around the week of Thanksgiving I had lost about 30lbs. I went to the emergency room and my sugars were really high. They put me on insulin and it got better. I was having trouble with my stomach, they did a CT Scan and found out that I had a mass on my pancreas. I was sent to a surgeon and he ordered another CT scan & biospy to see if he could do surgery because he was afraid it would be too close to my liver or arteries. I did have the surgery which he removed my spleen and half of my pancreas. There was cancer in the lymphnodes. When I was in the hospital for a week at Thanksgiving I felt a lump- around my breast. I didn't say anything until I went back for my check up for the pancreas. My dr. did a biospy and it was cancer but not in the lymphnodes. He removed the lump. I had a mammogram done in Dec. but it didn't pick up the lump because it wasn't close enough to detect it. Now I am getting ready to take radiation for both for 5 days a week for 6 wks. Chemo for 6 months for the pancreas which I am doing at home through a IV in a port. It's suppose to not make me sick I hope. I need everyones prayers. Pancreas cancer is very har to find and usually its too late but mine was only in the 2nd. stage and I feel good about the rest of my life. This is my story.
Juanita Hardin
Louisville, KY