My Daughter and the reason to Live Life to the Fullest..

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in March 2009. I had found a lump when doing a self examination. I had a mammogram and ultrasound. The surgeon said it was not one lump but three according to the tests. He said he could do a biopsy but seeing the lumps were bothering me anyway he did a lumpectomy and tested them then. When the results came back me and my daughter were told it was cancer. So my doctor gave me two options of treatment to either leave the breast which doesn't always guarantee that they got it all, or a left breast radical mastectomy. I chose the masectomy. I now have tubes hanging out of my body draining the fluid. I will have radiation for an hour everyday for 6 to 8 weeks and not sure if I am having chemo or not. But I worry most for my daughter, I see the pain in her face everyday but she is what makes me strong. I try to run a small business and I also have a job. So on the days that I am really tired my daughter runs the small business for me But she is my whole reason for living. Live life to the fullest and live everyday for another tomorrow. So now I am going to have plenty of tomorrows. My message for each and everyone of you is: HAVE MAMMOGRAMS EVERY YEAR AND BEFORE THE AGE OF 45. You see I did not want to leave my daughter by herself at 19 because that is what would happen if I let this disease win. I have no other family but her. So I will not ever let her down. So we have a saying at work HAPPY FUZZY BUNNIES. This gets me thru.
Cindy Dionisio
Las Vegas, NV