My Daughter-In-Law

Cancer is cancer whether it is breast cancer or some other form of cancer any one can be inflicted with the disease. What hit home for me is my daughter-in-law who is now a cancer survivor. A divorced mother with a small daughter has proven to me what a real fighter is. I'm not sure of what form of cancer she had because I never asked but cancer is cancer and without cancer centers to assist what would happen to so many who are afflicted with the disease. It didn't hit home with her until she lost her hair (while undergoing chemo) when she realize my hair is going down the drain. That took a real toll on her but only for a brief time because she realized she was not alone and not the first person this had happened too. Being a strong person she held on to her faith grabbed herself by the ankle and kept it moving. My daughter-in-law has a remarkable faith in God and it has truly help to deal with cancer. For chemo treatments she would drive back and forth from Dallas to Ft. Worth because Dallas did not have a chemo treatment center sometimes alone and sometime with a friend, but she keep the faith and moved forward every day. To me she is an extraordinary woman who never who never lost sight of today and the tomorrows to come. We stay in very close contact and for her I am a believer in cancer survivors. To assist the drive I am launching a penny drive with all my email buddies for the "Susan G. Coleman" drive this year. I encourage anyone who reads this to do whatever they can to raise funds and donate in honor of a loved one or friend.
Rosa Harrison
Washington, DC