My Difficult Winter

I was scheduled to go to UAB Medical Center to be evaluated as a kidney transplant recipient on 12/2/08. My beloved daughter was going to be tested as a live donor. On Friday 11/28/08 I received the phone call confirming that I definitely did have cancer. To back up a little, I have polycystic kidney disease and it was at my June 08 checkup that my kidney function had dropped and as it was monitored, continued to drop to the point tht I was told "we have to talk about transplant and dialysis options. In August 08 I had surgery on my arm to create an AV fistula in the event that dialysis is needed. A cut on the wrist, but the vein and artery were too small, so the fistula was created just above the bend of my arm. After my rountine mamogram and GYN visit, I received a letter by the end of that week stating that I needed to do a special view mammogram and ultrasound. I was told I had to have a biopsy (needle into the breast). I had a lumpectomy with lymph node dissection. Complete pathology reports, found cancer in the sentinel node, therefore, in addition to 5 weeks of radiation, chemo. Day of 1st oncologist vist, I received call from the nursing home in the evening that my Mother, who had Alzheimer's, had passed away. It was my birthday. I had another surgery for my chemo port. I see my oncologist April 2 and am anxious to start radiation! I have a wonderful husband who has been there every step of the way, two grown children and three faublous grandchildren to keep me motivated. I beat cancer in 1999 and I'm going to do it this time too! Let's get on with life!
Sue Webb
Oxford, MS