My experience with breast cancer!!

When diagnosed I was 66 -years of HRT . After a lumpectomy -was told only a Mastectomy could cure me. I asked what kind of cancer and was told invasive-lobular with propensity of 80-90% spread!! Opted for bilateral=found I was fortunate --stage 1. On Tomoxafin for 5 months I developed cataracts--when I asked to go on Arimidex-discovered ist side affect of previous was this!! After 8 years on Arimidex and frequent testings I was discharged by Oncologist==after I had ruptured implants of saline but with silicone edges similar to a tire with an inner tube. upon removal- yes silicone was in the cavity--well cleansed and ok. now with no implants. Howev er I have learned some have actually molded inside and caused a general Bacterial infection. My advice is forget implants-- at 73,- I am clean and a stuffed or padded bra gives enough contour without the concern of medical problems! branning retired R.N.
Cindy Branning
Port Orange, FL