My Family

Last year, my sister told my mom and me at the same time that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was history repeating mom had already been diagnosed and gone through a lumpectomy and radiation. We thought the same would be true with Sabrina, until the middle of the surgery. Her cancer had spread to two of her lymph nodes. Throughout the summer my sister underwent chemotherapy. We watched my skinny, hairdresser sister get thinner and lose her hair. Yet, she had a lot of family and friends rallying around her. She, like my mom, stood strong through it all. Then she found out that she tested positive for the (breast cancer) gene. She started her double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Her husband drove her three hours to Nashville about once a week throughout all of this, and my dad went to take care of my nephew. She has one surgery left for her reconstruction to be done. It will happen almost a year to the day of when she found out. I know that I have to be tested too. I'm preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I have two amazing examples before me.
Owensboro, KY